Why You Need To Have A Good Cover Letter

A receptionist is a person that handles the front end of an office, malls and hotels. Receptionists greet’s people with a smile on their faces and help are any lost soul to find their way. While there’s a stereotype to receptionists like professionally polite, well mannered, well groomed, smells good and dressed professionally, there’s more to the job than meets the eye like performing other admin tasks. A receptionist is a very in-demand job so you can expect that there is a steep competition for this position.

A receptionist job is not a course specific job, there may be companies like IT firms requires their receptionist to have a few units in IT in order to properly assist customers but in a general sense in terms of function, the qualifications do not require any specific course at all. So there’s this general qualification so to speak, and that can only mean a steeper competition versus other jobs. If you want to secure your spot, then you need to step up in our application.

Make a good cover letter: A cover letter is this introductory piece, it can be a separate object but has often been associated with applications. It may not contain all the mumbo-jumbo technical stuff that you put in your resume, but it’s something that is worth taking seriously. It’s not an edge, but it will certainly make an impression on the company that you’re applying, that you’re really serious with your application. If you’re going to make one, might as well make one that is a cut from the rest. Below are some of the few tips in writing a good cover letter:

  • Never redundiate what was already in your resume
  • Keep your cover letter short
  • Mention our selling point and how you can be an asset to the company
  • mention your top 3 skills
  • never mention negative words like don’t, won’t and so on.
  • Have a good flow like the introduction, the body, and the ending
  • Be random, never be specific with names
  • Double check your grammar
  • Proofread your letter

Don’t make a bad cover letter: A bad cover letter is a cover letter that didn’t follow what a good letter should be. You will only realize the importance of a cover letter unless you take it seriously and you should know that there are recruiters that do take cover letters seriously. Who knows, that might just be the only thing that can save your application versus other applicants that are  more experience than you that never bothered making one.

A receptionist qualification, for the most part, is not course specific, which gives an impression that anyone that fits the description has the chance. While that is the fact, there are only a very few that will get the part. If you want to give this positive impression to the employer that they should hire you because your the right person for the job, show them and it’s thru a cover letter. If you need some great samples, you can visit https://www.bettercoverletter.com/customer-service-representative-cover-letter.