Why digital piano can be preferred over acoustic?

digital piano

It is known that no one will say they don’t like music because music is having emotional connection with human being. Music has capability to change the mood to good or bad. Different types of music are there such as folk, rock, hip hop, jazz and many more are played using combination of different musical instruments or by only one. Similarly the music instruments and method by which sound are produced are varied. Different types of sound are produced by hitting the instrument (percussion), by blowing air (wind instrument), striking the string (string instrument). Here the instrument we are going to play is piano. Piano is an acoustic stringed instrument having keyboard to play sound with notes given to keys. But we cannot say purely stringed since percussion of hammer on string also takes place.

digital piano and acoustic

Difference between digital piano and acoustic

Then why don’t we try to learn the sounding mechanism of piano, which is quite interesting to learn. How the sound is produced when pressing the key, the keyboard is the only external part it has many hidden parts such as hammer, strings, damper, soundboard, pedals and many parts it ranges to more than but these are basic parts. When keys are pressed the hammer hit string and creates the vibration which converts into notes. At the same time the damper leave strings and goes up, again when key released the damper return to rest in position with string to end the note from long lasting. Soundboard is there to amplify the sound. It is what happen in acoustic piano but in digital piano no hammer and string to produce sound, it is produced by sampled sound stored in computer whenever key is pressed the corresponding notes or tone generator linked to key will produce sound.

There are some variation between digital piano and acoustic, realistic sound are produced in acoustic it is not possible as like in digital, number of keys are 88 in acoustic but in digital it varies from 66 to 88. But there are additional features in digital such as can produce the sound of other instruments, recording your music is possible, volume control and headphone can be connected not to disturb others.

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