What to Know When Buying Cannabis & Hemp Seeds

Purchasing cannabis and hemp seeds is one of the best part of any kind of planting endeavor. Cannabis & hemp is of no exception, however it will sometimes be tough to know which cannabis seeds to buy.

Ultimately, when deciding an end product being formed is the empowering & memorable moment for a grower. Irrespective of what species that you select there are some things that you need to take in consideration when buying cannabis seeds & hemp seeds.


First thing that you need to consider when buying cannabis & hemp seeds is to know how long the seller has been in the business? Maybe seller is totally new to this commercial market and is growing for many years. Possibilities just like this allow the buyers to start with the first selling season. Or, seller has built the reputation. They’re trusted by most of the industry professionals for offering reliable seeds every year, and you also know doing business can result in the bountiful harvest. Doesn’t matter how long they are in the business; make sure they are the reputable dealer. Make sure you do your proper research. Do not get afraid to ask any specific questions.

  • Do they breed seeds in house?
  • How were these seeds harvested? Are they organic or conventional?
  • Does seller have any reviews, referrals via blogs, reputable websites, and message boards?
  • Where are they placed?
  • When were seeds harvested?

Location matters. Not just for shipping cost, however location is important as some areas impose some strict rules on the farmers.

Regulations limit some chemicals from getting used that is good for your seeds, clients, and planet. Even though the regulations are overall good overall, the sellers unfamiliar with the local restrictions might not know your needs.