What to ask yourself before hiring a communication agency?

integrated communications agency

When looking for an agency that takes care of the various communication needs of your company, it is important that you sit down with them for an interview to ensure that they will be a good fit for your company. This also helps you start a strong connection between you and the communications agency, which will be essential as you move forward. If you are not sure what to ask during this initial consultation, please try one or more of the following questions.

What is your background and experience?

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a communication agency is its track record and experience. It is generally best to choose an agency with years of experience. You also want one that keeps up with trends and changes in the world of communication. You may find it helpful to review their portfolio to make sure they have the knowledge to handle the projects you want them to undertake.

Did they work in your field?

The strategy for your communications project should vary depending on the industry in which your company operates. To have the best communications agency for your business, you need one that is experienced in the nuances of the industry. If they don’t work in your field, you don’t necessarily have to fire them if you think they have strengths elsewhere. However, you should ask how they plan to increase their knowledge of their field of work so that they can do the best job.

Who will actually work on your account?

When you choose a integrated communications agency singapore over an internal team, you may not always know who is working on your account and how much time they are spending. During the selection process, it is helpful to discuss how the agency determines who will work on which account, including whether junior or senior staff will be the ones working on the account. You should also have an idea of ​​how much time they will spend on your account.

What is your strategy?

Although a good communication strategy grows and changes over time, it is important that the agency has a solid idea of ​​how to help achieve its objectives from the beginning. Before hiring a communications agency, you must know its idea and strategy. This will give you the best idea of ​​whether or not they share your vision.