Want to get employee stock options plan and IPO application services from Boardroom

ESOP or Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a best retirement plan in which a company owner or employer contributes its stock to the plan for providing the best benefits to its employees. Boardroom Limited has wonderful employee stock options or ownership plan for your employees for the smart business solutions. All the employees working in the company always work for your success.


Every company is running in a successful way only because of its employees. Whether you are running privately owned, publicly listed, or the MNC, boardroom ltd is always there to effectively handle all facets of your workers stock ownership plan from the design phase, implementation, and also the administration of the share plan.

  • This company is using the seamless process in order to enable by their panel of expert professionals and practical tools to reach the greater success in offering the best ESOP services across APAC.
  • They offer highly flexible range of employee plan services only through their great digital platform.
  • Their expertise and advanced tools ensure the administration process of all implementation and share plans.

They also provide share issuing house or Initial Public Offering (IPO) services to ensure your true business success. Boardroom is 100 % owned Malaysian business servicing company which manage the different types of ipo application, IPO administration, IPO subscriptions, and also other types of initial raising exercise for several years. They always offer highly customized IPO solutions for the great success of the different business clients.