Wallpaper Trends That Will Rock In 2019

Wallpapers have hit back more aggressively and vigorously. Unfortunately, the crazy and hard-to-apply versions of the 70s and 80s aren’t included in the comeback. We are talking about more modern options that will boldly transform your spacing to set the mood and create a timeless look. Wondering how to dress your wallpaper more fashionably and professionally, here are designer wallpaper trends that will rock for years to come.

The Floral Wallpaper

Bold floral patterns create an amazing timeless look by adding interest and character to your spacing. They work best in small and large spaces and usually create outstanding looks. The floral wallpaper trend allows you to wall-cover one accent wall just behind your sofa or bed to create the most outstanding look.  For those who do not want to get a high color concentration, you should consider using monochromatic designs and prints as they give more timeless looks.

The Striped Wallpaper Design

The Glamour Wallpaper Design

The glamour design we are talking about here is the metallic gold floral patterns, rose gold sheen looks or subtle metallic silvery designs. These designs are perfect for creating a brighter and lighter feel on small rooms since the reflective surface reflects light back to the decorated room.  It involves matching the wallpaper glamour with the finish on the velvet, furniture, satins, lamps, and pillow in silks. With the glamour wallpaper design, when a lamp is placed on the corner of the room, it echoes the light to create a metallic print sparkle.

The Striped Wallpaper Design

This is a creative pattern-rich design that creates a wonderful and attractive height illusion. It involves the use of vertical striped patterns in a way that creates a visual space and height lops. To make the most attractive designs, consider using muted color patterns and palettes such as a light blue or soft blush pink in a simple way to help create an illusion of more spacing in the target room. You have to ensure that you choose the best patterned and striped designer wallpaper if you want to get quality results.

Geometric Patterns Design

Geometric patterns are quite popular and in demand today. They are widely favored for their ability to make rooms appear warmer and more balanced.  Most people love them due to their ability to create a fantastic sense of depth and layering as well as a fabulous center of attraction. Geometric patterns are designed such that they involve installing the wallpapers in a patterned manner to create an illusion of warmth and balance.  You should never use furnishings that contradict with the prints.  It is advisable you consider installing designer wallpaper pieces that compliment your target paint or wood color. By so doing, you will avoid issues with cluttered and congested looks that may not create interest.