Types of rugs – how to choose them?

Types of rugs

Wool, silk, synthetic? Are they woven by hand or machine? Before you buy a rug, check what to look for. Here is a short guide for the undecided. The division of carpets according to the materials from which they are made covers many categories. It is worth knowing that among the so-called natural carpets, we usually buy wool rugs. Their advantages include softness and relative resistance to dirt. Carpets made of wool will give the environment a cozy and secluded character, ┬áso if you plan to buy just rugs sale Singapore let’s put it in the bedroom, in the office – wherever we need peace and quiet. Note: woolen rug may cause allergy.

Manually or by machine?

In some countries from which the rugs come – e.g., in India or Iran – hand-woven carpets are still the most popular. They are made more precisely than those created with the participation of machines. In addition, in the case of the latter, it may be necessary to check what you can see at first glance when it comes to hand-made carpets: the weight and density of the carpet, as well as the material from which it was made. This does not mean, however, that buying a machine-woven rug, we do a “bad deal” – although it will not have this “individual” rugs sale Singapore feature, its quality may not be worse than in the case of handicrafts.

Lighter rugs – or better?

The weight of the carpet is determined by several different factors: material, pile height, thread thickness, and a number of tufts. If we want a feather-light rug, choose a silk rug; however, if you want something heavier – you should consider wool. Remember that the higher the weight of the carpet, the higher its density – no less important feature.