Top Questions About the Hair Follicle Test Answered

Top Questions About the Hair Follicle Test

Whenever the subject of weed or marijuana comes into view, many people think that it’s just about people trying to have a good time while getting high from the substance. It’s true that many people use cannabis because of pure enjoyment, but that’s not for everyone. Medical marijuana exists, and there are now many doctors that prescribe the plant to patients suffering from certain medical disorders.

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Physicians can prescribe the use of marijuana to patients with Parkinson’s disease and other health ailments. It’s because the plant has medicinal properties that can help relax the nerves and senses. Hence, it can assist in stopping shakiness and tremors. However, using marijuana for medical reasons might give you a rough time when you want to travel or when you’re applying for a job. Some companies and establishments require you to take a hair follicle test. You might’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re wondering what this examination is all about. Well, you’ve come to the right place as we answer some of your burning questions regarding this drug test.

How Long do the Essences of Marijuana Stay in Hair?

Hair follicle tests are basically branches of DNA examinations, and our hair has traces of our DNA. Once we start using marijuana, either for casual or medical reasons, then bits and pieces of the substance can attach to our hair follicles. It would take about 5 days for the cannabis to start showing up in your hair. Also, bear in mind that the residues left behind from the use of weed can stay in your hair for several months.

How Does Weed Get in Hair in the First Place?

Whenever we use marijuana, it will circulate through the bloodstream and get into our blood, saliva, urine, and, of course, our hair follicles. The drug metabolites found in the substance will get trapped in the hair shaft. Hence, whenever a new hair strand grows, the residues left by cannabis will also grow with the hair. Drug testing laboratories will examine your hair follicles for these metabolites found in the shaft core of your hair follicle. Laboratory equipment can even tell how long you’ve been using marijuana based on the length of the hair sample you give them. However, the specific timeline of use isn’t possible, but they can still give a rough estimate.

Can the Toxins go Away When Washed Out of the Hair?

Think about this – if you have a bruise, can you remove it by simply washing it with soap and water? A similar thought comes to mind when you’re trying to wash the toxic metabolites out of your hair with shampoo or other hair care agents. These substances coming from cannabis will chemically bind themselves to your DNA and hair structure. In other words, you can’t just wash, scrub, or bleach it to get rid of these toxins, especially when you’re just planning to use regular shampoos or conditioners. There are, however, medical-grade hair detoxification products that can remove the traces of weed and other drugs from your hair.

How Does Hair Detoxification Work When Using These Special Shampoos?

The original purpose of hair detoxification shampoos was for the removal of medical contaminants found in our hair. It’s useful for eliminating both toxins and toxin metabolites that might come from medications coming from surgeries and prescription medicines. These unique shampoos have an acidic base that can counter and eliminate toxin metabolites while making sure that your hair won’t get damaged in the process. Furthermore, the hair care product isn’t toxin specific, which means that it can help get rid of other residues by different drugs, which includes marijuana.

Know that you’ve reached the end of this post, perhaps you’ve gained renewed confidence for passing a hair follicle test. It’s best to act as early as possible to heighten the chances of passing the drug examination.