Club Management

Golf is well-known for being a pastime that relieves stress. In the golf world, competition happens not only on the course. It also happens between clubs as they compete for members and guests. Club management remains a major determining factor for how the sport has evolved. And also how it will change as golf courses adapt to modernization and move into the future.

Club managers must ensure that golf courses compete for entertainment dollars. They have to make sure that the game is not only a sport but an experience as well. Competing with the rest of the entertainment industry is a very massive challenge. Achieving and preserving the position as leaders in the private club world calls for a lot of effort.

Reinvest in your facilities

Clubs should stay relevant to keep their current members happy and to attract new ones. Top clubs reinvest in facilities and amenities because of this. If you cannot add new amenities, make sure you keep your existing amenities in top condition. Some clubs not only offer golf but dining and lodging as well.

Rethink your membership development

Top clubs are not passive about the membership process. That is even when they are confident that membership in their club is already sought after. They keep an eye out for individuals who would make great members. They usually target prominent people whom others respect, and who fit the culture of the club. They keep club members aware of and engaged in the membership process.

Track key performance indicators

Top clubs know what their members want and what their competitions are doing. They are aware of new trends that happen on a nationwide scale. They listen to their members and get attuned to what they have seen and liked at other clubs. There are clubs that provide babysitting, after-school programs, and youth-oriented activities. There are also those that have swimming facilities. Member usage is one of the key performance indicators. Use that information as an important guide for scheduling and programming. Use that as input for facility master planning, too.

Focus on budget and keep operations flexible

The budgeting process is very important for top clubs. They compare performance against budget. They use appropriate benchmarks, creating realistic projections, and involve key staff. Check how performance deviates from your plan. Then make the necessary adjustments. Some clubs developed youth activity that coincides with casual dining options. Parents can enjoy dinner while kids dine and play with other kids nearby.

Top clubs have a strong, well-defined identity. Top clubs expound what its vision is and put money in it. They take extra steps to recognize and groom the future leaders of the club. They usually choose people who can see the big picture. They should also use facts and information. And they should have a structured way of making decisions. When you cultivate these people then you cultivate the culture of your club.