Tips no one told you about buying a house


Many buyers take advantage of the summer to buy or sell a house and make the move. For the operation to be as calm as possible, it is essential to know what taxes have to be paid, what financing conditions are the most advantageous, whether it is more interesting to acquire a new or used house or to take care of the smallest detail of the interior of the property. The objective is that the transmission for the buyer is as satisfactory as possible. Visit this link for real estate purchase agreement.

The sale of a home is the most important investment in the lives of most citizens, so we show you the 12 steps you must follow to successfully perform this operation. Among the recommendations offered by the General Council of Notaries is to see if the house carries charges or fees from the community of owners without paying.

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Tips to keep in mind before buying a house this year

With the real estate market in the full process of normalization and with the mortgage tap open, 2017 aims to be a positive year for housing. Therefore, before you start shopping, it is advisable to read these 8 tips to successfully make one of the most important investments of a person. For example, look for a house that has the capacity to revalue or study in depth the mortgage market to find the best credit.

Keys to opt for a new or second-hand house

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of most citizens, so it is highly recommended to weigh well the type of house you want. It is important to know where the property is located if you need reforms or what taxes you have to pay. Currently, the used housing is cheaper than the new one and it bears lower taxes, but the new construction does not need reforms and it can be moved in from the first day.


How big data can help you know the fair price of the house

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of your life and you need to be sure that the price the seller is asking for is in line with reality. Doing a preliminary analysis will allow you to know what negotiation margin you have and one of the ways to track the market is to do it through real estate platforms that use ‘big data’. You can get, for less than 20 euros, a detailed report on the property, the area and nearby points of interest.

Useful tips to negotiate the price

In many home purchase transactions, the buyer has room to negotiate the price. It is possible to bid 10% below the value requested by the seller, but always with a reason that supports it. It is also important to have the most information available to the seller, such as knowing through the Registry if the house is foreclosed or if you are carrying a mortgage.

The essential questions you must ask before signing a mortgage

The purchase of a home is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. And usually, it is usually carried out with bank financing. Regardless of the amount to request, it is advisable to ask a series of questions to contract a mortgage with full knowledge of its clauses and its commissions. It is important to know if the loan has a floor clause if it establishes a commission for early cancellation or what links it has.

Fixed or variable mortgage: find out which one is most suitable for you

One of the decisions that must be made by whoever wants to buy a home is what type of mortgage to choose. Is a variable loan better to take advantage of the historical minimums of the Euribor or should one hire a fixed rate now that they are in fashion? The choice is not trivial and not only because the mortgage is one of the most important contracts that can be signed, but because each alternative has advantages and disadvantages.