Tips For Negotiating The Price Of A Used Car

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Negotiating price can be a difficult and stressful task in any business. It is often the cause of high blood pressure headaches, so many people avoid it. However, it pays to do your homework and know how to negotiate the prices of used cars in sacramento without causing yourself undue stress.

Here are a few tips for negotiating a used car price:

1) Keep calm

The key is not to get angry or frustrated in response to their reactions and responses; so keep calm and breathe. They maybe wealthy and outreaching, but they are still human beings.

2) Be the first one negotiating

You need to be the one to initiate negotiations from the start. If you do not, you will leave room for them to come around and see where you are at with your offer.

3) Talk about interest rates

Most of a used car’s price is made up of interest rates. Discussing the interest rate on offer is crucial as this will drive their decision whether or not to buy your car.

4) Be polite

It may get ugly at times, but do not forget your manners and be polite. Remember, you are dealing with another human being who has feelings and emotions.

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5) Have backup plans

If they refuse your first proposal, you need a backup plan to counter their second offer. This will show them that you are willing to walk away if they fail to give you what you want. They will be more inclined towards giving in after seeing how serious you are about what is important to you.

6) Be prepared to walk away

Chances are high that the seller will keep pushing for prices much higher than the actual cost of the car. In such a case, be ready to walk away. If they refuse to budge and you are not willing to accept the offer, walk out of the place and do not look back.

7) Be prepared for confrontation

This is the part where you tell the seller that you will be taking your business elsewhere if they do not give you what you want. A lot of sellers will react negatively and try to talk you out of leaving, but have faith in yourself as it will all work out in the end.

8) Control your emotions

If at any point during your negotiations, a situation arises which causes emotions like anger or frustration, simply count down from 10-1 before responding to their response or question.