Thriller family movies you cannot miss in 2022


Many Telugu films are now featuring thriller stories. Thriller family movies as a subgenre have been widely popular and loved by the masses. They give you the thrill and excitement throughout the movie. The chills in the bone sequences are worth the hype.

This article is made to highlight the best Telugu thriller family movies that will provide you with the right dose of fear and excitement. You can watch all of these movies on Aha online.

1-DJ Tillu (2022)

Bala Gangadhar Tilak, aka DJ Tillu (played by Siddhu Jonnalagadda), is a Hyderabadi boy. He is a local Dj playing in the local celebrations and jattaras. He falls in love with a singer named Radhika. And their love story follows. But things go haywire when Tillu finds himself amid a crime, how will he get out of this? You can watch DJ Tillu Movie Online on Aha.


This movie is sci-fi based on the characters Kartik (Dinesh Tej) and Sujata (Ananya Nagalla). A cross-telephone call connects both the characters from two different timelines. What follows is a journey where Kartik tries to change the events of the past of Sujata. Will he succeed in making things better for Sujata? What’s the end of this tale is the thing to follow?

3-Jiivi (2019)

The story is based on an intelligent man living beyond his means and having a hard time in life. This is when he decides he will steal jewels and make his life better. His adventurous journey of steering through the difficulties makes for the rest of the story.

4-Kerosene (2022)

This movie is a crime-based thriller. Victims who are brutally raped and murdered using kerosene. ACP Vaibhav comes across a series of cases that follow the same pattern. Who is behind this, and what is their modus operandi behind it will be discovered by the end of the movie.

5-Uniki (2022)

This story is based on a strict IAS officer Subbalakshmi (Chitrashukla). A few people attack her, but nobody knows why. To solve this case officer, Abhi steps in. How will he solve this case, and what are Subbalakshmi and Abhi hiding? Watch it to find out!

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