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New age faucets:

          Even though the faucets or taps as they are called in different countries came into being, there was a feeling of comfort and convenience which was enjoyed only by the elite at the beginning. But now the times have changed and every person has the access to the technology. A few years backs we had to do the water mixing by touch and feel method. But now the shower mixer taps have been developed to serve the purpose and they are a very innovative mix of great looks and practical solution for any modern bathroom.

  • They come with the thermostat adjustment for temperature which has the proportionate mix of the hot and cold water.
  • The mixer taps maintain the temperature at 38 degrees which is the optimum temperature a human can withstand. These mixers taps are a piece of art as well and they can be operated by one and all especially they safe for children and the elderly as well.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes and they come for all different uses for different areas of the bathroom. They can be fitted for the basins, the shower, and the bath and many are multipurpose which can be fitted for the bath abs well as the shower.
  • Of all they come in shiny finish which is done with the use of chrome plating and they withstand or long usage and the shower mixer taps add glamour to any bathroom or shower in your home.