The Most Safest And Flexible Locking WIth Cam Lock

In this context, the discussion would be for the cam locks. It is a very useful and creative invention. How is it useful? A small seize lock but very strong. It is made up of iron. The shape is like a camera. In this lock, there is no handle. It is very simple in design. There are two parts to this lock. In one part, the key is entered, and then another part is the iron bar, which plays the main role. How does it work? The iron bar is rotated with the help of a key. This iron bar gets fixed with another part.

Let us take the example of the wooden cupboard. Most cupboards have this kind of lock on it. There are two doors in a cupboard. The lock is always present on the left-hand side of the right door. Whenever the key is inserted, the small iron bar is rotated with the key. The iron bar gets attached to the left door. If the direction is anti-clockwise, then the door gets closed. If the key is rotated clockwise, the door gets open.

It is the mechanism of working. The most important thing is the design of the door remains the same. A very little area gets covered with the lock. It is very safe. These days the cam lock is used in the lockers in the office complexes to keep the mobile phones, wallets, etc. the best part of the lock is it cannot be broken from outside.