The Different Cbd Flower Products Available In The Market.

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The CBD is the abbreviation of ‘cannabidiol’ usually seen in hemp plants. Cannabidiol in turn, is one of the varieties of cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol amounts to about 40% of the total plant extracts. The cannabis Sativa plant is where the cbd flower originates from. It was discovered back in the year 1940.

What makes CBD different from THC?

THC stands for ‘tetrahydrocannabinol,’ which is psychoactive due to which it entitles its user to feel dizzy, high, anxious, etc. it is this very factor that differentiates the two. Thus, some people tend to avoid its usage.

cbd flower

Some variants of cbd flower products are as follows:

  • Skywalker OG: it has a full-bodied flavor with nutrients rich natural bud and a high concentration of cannabinoids. This variant is synthetic-free and is majorly sourced in the USA. This rules the market because of its affordability that comes along.
  • Wagyu: it provides the best benefits that CBD can acquire and is rarely available. It creates a long-lasting impact on the body. Its different terpene profiling makes complex fragrance and flavors which cannot match with other strains.
  • Hawaiian haze: when it comes down to relaxation, this can help. Due to its lightness and affordability, it is well recognized in the market.
  • Elektra: this is the most aromatic amongst all, with flavors of sweet citrus along with chocolate. There are quite some variations that can be witnessed when inhaled.

Sum up

These are some varieties found to be popular in the market. Each possesses different values in terms of aroma, flavor, CBD concentration, and, lastly, the impact caused by them.