Teach Vocabulary Most Effectively With The Jolly Phonics Hong Kong Series

Teaching vocabulary to young minds is a challenging and delicate process to develop the correct imagination and skills. Phonics is the branch of teaching that deals with acoustics and pronunciation study. Any language teaching starts with this step as the basic. Learning proper words and sounds is essential for further reading and academics. Teachers adopt different methods of animations or pictorials using groups of letters to form big words. Seeds children’s bookstore encourages the easy way to approach this tedious task and make the process enthusiastic.

The Changed Teaching Aids

Earlier, when market and development was still raw, educational guides and equipment’s were scarce.

  • In contrast, these days, every level of teaching is aided with the best methods to make the process enjoyable and result fruitful. Instead of made to write on blank pages, colourful workbooks always attract busy bees. Teaching with examples, toys or favourite characters have overpowered the rudimentary and traditional teaching.
  • Jolly phonics Hong Kong publishers supply graded picture books, workbooks and colouring pads designed for different student categories keeping in mind the gradual increase of the difficulty levels.
  • Hailing from Hong Kong, the majority of the products are also available in Chinese. English storybooks to teach the reading skills as a hobby are aplenty. Celebrated literary works and novels are translated and edited to young age-friendly levels for their better understanding.

Several books and digital equipment never fail to lessen the burden cheerfully with the vision to create an easy channel for education and language development.