Suspense And Thriller Web series In Telugu

With the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, people worldwide were forced to stay indoors and work from home. Though most of the people were enjoying initially, after some time, they started getting bored. To get rid of the boredom, they started subscribing to different OTT platforms and enjoyed watching their favourite shows and movies in their own convenient time. Certain OTT platforms are developed on one specific language, and suppose the language is Telugu; then you can watch Telugu web series online by subscribing to that app. 


Sin is a Telugu language web series that was released in 2020. The cast of the series includes JenifferPiccinato, Deepti Sati, Thiruveer, Ravi Varma. The series has been directed as well as written by Naveen Medaran. The producer is SharatMarar, and the cinematography was being handled by Sid Jay, Azeem Mohammad. The main editors of the series are Tinchu Philip and ArunThachoth.

The story of Sin is regarding a young woman who had to part ways with her childhood sweetheart when her parents discovered her same-sex relationship. He gets married to a pervert guy, and then her love from the U.S.A comes to rescue her from the misery. 


Locked is a short web series made in the Telugu language, directed and written by Pradeep Deva Kumar. The producers of the web series are K.S. Madhubala AND Shanmuga Raja. NijaiGowthaman handled the cinematography, whereas Prasanna G.K. was the chief editor. The web series has seven episodes in one season, and the cast includes SatyadevKacharana, SamyuktaHornadu, Sri Lakshmi, Inturi Vasu, BinduPagidimaari and several others.

The series’s story is regarding a neurosurgeon named DrAnandChakravarthy (Satyadev) and how he deals when trapped inside his own house. 


Masti’s is a mini web series with eight episodes in a single season and directed by Ritesh Rana. The story is by Ritesh Rana and Teja R. The series’ producers are ChiranjeeviPedamallu and HemlathaPedamallu. The series includes many talented actors, and Sri SimhaKoaduri, Satya, NareshAhasthya, and Brahmaji are among them.

The story is regarding a delivery boy named Simha, who gets peanuts as a salary despite working very hard. Babu, another character, gets frustrated with his job and seeks his friend and roommate Satya to determine how to get tips from greedy customers. Babu then tries it, and his very first attempt goes in awry. He creates a deep mess and is required to clean it as soon as possible, but he is least aware of what is waiting for him on the other side. 


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