Strange Wedding Cultures You HAVE TO Know

Weddings are synonymous with happiness. It also marks change in the lives of most people. Major adjustments are made and there’s a need to prepare for specific things. These are just some of the situations that you’ll have to expect during the entire course. And because marriage contracts are binding, you’ll have to keep your promise of sticking together through thin and thinner times. As such, it’s also important to know the little things that can make a difference for the entire ceremony and in your lives as couples.

Difference in culture is evident from the habits and beliefs of most people in every place or country. It’s no surprise that you’ll be seeing such differences in highly important events like wedding. If you’re planning for an intercultural marriage, learning the traditions, customs, and strange wedding cultures your partner have and introducing your own to them will make the planning easier. If several aspects will clash, it’s easier to resolve this early on and create alternative options to smoothen out such differences.


The tradition of blackening the bride is something every bride-to-be have to suffer through. Before the wedding, friends and family will throw or spill nasty things on the bride, like tar, fish sauce, curdled milk and other things. The tradition is to make sure the bride’s ready for the married life and all the happy and humiliating things that she’ll encounter. They believe that if she’s prepared for this, then she’s more than prepared to get married.


In the Eastern part of the world, other traditions exist. After the ceremony, the groom is slapped in the feet with a stick or fish. This is done to make sure that the groom doesn’t disappoint the bride on their wedding night. Although it’s not practiced by modern Korean couples, it’s still something that is widely known and has become a source of entertainment for guests and the couples who decide to go through it.


This is probably one of the most excruciating traditions that newly-wedded couples have to follow. After the wedding and during their honeymoon stage, couples aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom. This custom lasts for three days. They are ‘house-arrested’ and monitored during the entire time. According to Hindu belief, this is done to achieve a happy marriage and healthy kids for the future.


The French are known for romance and sweetness. But underneath all that is one of the nastiest traditions to date. The bridal party collects ‘gross’ stuff, like leftovers and bits or pieces of trash. It is then mixed together in a soup which is placed in an actual toilet bowl. The couple must drink from it, otherwise, the party won’t leave their room.

Other customs exist in different countries. Learning this isn’t just a matter of need. It’s also a source of education and entertainment. You never know what will happen in the future and who you’ll end up with. At least, you’re properly prepared.