Sanitary Industrial Filtration for advanced compressed Air

Sanitary Industrial Filtration for advanced compressed Air

The latest name of advanced microfiltration of industrial compressed air application is the sanitary, industrial filters. Industrial filtration offers standard performances widely available in pre-filters, active carbon filters, and coalescing filters. These industrial filters are produced under stainless steel covering, usually equipped with discharge connections and sanitary inlet.

Sanitary industrial filtration provides complete filtration to the users with advanced filtration requirements that incorporate housing, particularly sanitary application outfits. Whether it is combined the sterile filters for the staged filters to get the higher compressed air level or used tandem with sanitary, industrial filtration, they will offer improved housing integrity.

The required level of compressed gas

The required level of compressed gar or air by industries with higher purity include food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical, beverage, electronics, chemical processing, and aseptic packaging. Other applications that are usually served by sanitary, industrial filtration also include any company where pneumatic control or sensitive measurements are implemented. The following are several benefits highlighted that provided sanitary, industrial filters installation:

industrial filtration

Benefits of industrial filtration

Deployment of top quality and no-corrosive stainless steel for the industrial application ensures that oxidation that is typically found in aluminum’s housing filters is no longer an issue. Purity is also improved with stainless housing; therefore, it extends the serving life for the whole installed filters regardless of the employed filtration mode.

Variation of users’ requirements

An end-users requirement greatly varies from one installation to the other. Other users are significantly in need of sanitary connections, while others need NPT or stub-end connections for the welded installations. Some are also in need of combination connections. While considering the available choices for sanitary, industrial filtration, it is vital to implement the unit provide latitude based on the customized product installation and integrations.

In addition to the flexibility of physical installation, the industrial engineering process should afford the chance to customize the framed filtration process to address their particular needs effectively. In simple terms, the end-user system’s design should deploy all combinations of filters.

Combinations of industrial filters

The combination of industrial filtration includes the employment of a complete range of available filter elements. Notably, the end-users should choose and combine all grades of active charcoal, coalescers, vacuum, and dust filter elements for the staged filters that serve all the requirements, particularly for their needs.


The specialized industrial installation often requires higher flexibility above off-the-shelf housing filters can offer. Since Industrial filtration is the latest innovation, the competition landscape is still limited. However, the availability of sanitary, industrial filtration provides a full range of types of elements and server applications. Indeed sanitary, industrial filtrations are available with a wide range of grade elements and inlet or discharge variety of kinds and sizes.