Paintball For Beginners: Things You Should Know

Paintball For Beginners Things You Should Know

Paintball is a pretty intense sport. Most beginners feel intimidated before the first match even begins. It can be very exciting but one cannot help to feel nervous. Many new players get scared of getting shot by a paintball. Seeing players on the enemy team fully-decked out in gear can be nerve wracking. Getting shot is inevitable in this case. There are many players who are willing to help out newbies. There are also plenty of forums and guides to help new players navigate their way around the field.

What do you need?

It is not a great idea to buy equipment for your first paintball in Melbourne. Renting equipment is the best choice so you can get a feel for the game first. You can decide later on whether you want to invest in it or not. Rental packages differ but they usually include the following items:

  • paintball marker or paintball gun;
  • facemask;
  • hopper or paintball container attached to the marker; and
  • CO2 or compressed-air tank to power the marker.

Some include a couple of paintballs but you can buy more of those before starting the game. Most paintball businesses only allow paintballs bought on site. This ensures that all paintballs conform to the field’s safety requirements.

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How much is it?

A lot of people shy away from playing paintball because they believe it is a costly hobby. The amount of money you need to spend when playing paintball depends on several factors. These include the duration of the game, the area where you will play, and the number of paintballs you want to use. A reasonable range goes from $40 to $80 for a full day’s worth of field access, paintballs, and equipment. The number of paintballs you will use depend on how trigger-happy you are. Some beginners use around 250 while others use as much as 1,000 per visit. That will cost from $10 to $40.

Does it hurt?

Contrary to what others say, paintballs can hurt. You do not have to worry though because there are plenty of ways to lessen the pain. Like most games, it is crucial to wear appropriate clothing when playing paintball. Clothes in earth tones, olive greens, and other natural colors are ideal. These will let you blend in with the surroundings and reduce the possibility of getting hit. Wear a footgear with ridges on the bottom instead of sneakers for more traction. Covering up exposed skin as much as possible is necessary. Most players put on layers of clothing to blunt the impact. Using hoodies, sweaters, or even several layered t-shirts will do. These can make an impact feel bouncy instead of stingy. Some fields also offer protective gear for rent. These include gloves and chest protectors.