Make your home shine this season with these tips

Christmas lights for the roof

Throughout the South, holiday lights are incredible. Cities from Texas to Georgia decorate their cities in all kinds of festive designs and all the colors of the rainbow. Even though these drive-throughs make great family activities or vacation experiences, Southerners don’t always want to travel for them. Sometimes, we want them right in front of us! With these Christmas lights for the roof ideas from Southern Living homes and professionals, you’ll be able to decorate your home for the holiday season. You’ll make your house the most festive on the block if you choose to illuminate your porch or illuminate the entire house.

White Lights: Warm vs. Cool

It is often a difficult decision whether to use warm or cool white lights during the holiday season. Choosing the right kind of white and being consistent with that choice is a home decorating no-no. You don’t have to choose right or wrong, but mixing both variations of white lights is a no-no. A combination of warm and cool lights can look mismatched when hung together. Make sure all your white and multi-color Christmas lights for the roof match before hanging, as the colors can vary depending on the maker.

Christmas Light Hanging Places

Christmas lights for the roof

In general, it’s best to hang Christmas lights where they highlight the best features of your home. Once the color of your lights has been selected, you’ll need to plan where you will place them. For a home that looks like winter, white icicle lights are a great choice for bay windows, eaves, and roof edges.

Trends and ideas for holiday lights

With so many new options available, you aren’t restricted to traditional white and multicolor string lights anymore. Make sure you add a few modern illuminated touches to your traditional light picks as well. Other trending lighting options include snowflakes and other novelty lighting. A lot of homeowners like holiday light projectors that work by pointing a light at the house and projecting tiny Christmas-colored dots or illustrations (like snowflakes, Santas, or snowmen) on the house. Animated and color-changing lights can bring eye-catching action and give it a retro vibe. Large-bulb lights can make an impact.

The Best Places to Hang Christmas Lights

When you’ve decided on the colors of your lights, now it’s time to decide where the lights should be placed. As a general rule, it’s best to place your lights so that they will highlight the best features of your home. To give your home a look of winter charm, white icicle lights can brighten up your bay windows, eaves, and roof edges.