Learn the tips and tricks to jailbreak your phone!!

tricks to jailbreak your phone


Technology is one of our best friend and the best way we can deal get indulge in it all belongs to us. Technology is one of the major and vital role played in our life, without it our life is lifeless. We can easily compare technology with our soul. As we know without a soul our body is incomplete. Similarly, without any technological device, our life is lifeless. You can have no fun and enjoyment in life. There is both positive and negative effect of technology in our life. Starting from banking industry playing online games, computer, internet, social media sides, and transport booking online is not possible. We are actually total addicted to technology. Not only youngster this have become famous for children also. They love to play a video game online. Earlier all this were not possible. Some people become lazy and it also caused eye problem among various people. In this article, we will be talking about how to jailbreak your phone. What are the steps follows while jailbreaking your phone? And some advantages and disadvantages.


What is jailbreak?

One of the most popular methods to unlock your iPhone is to simply root it. To unlock your phone you have to go through certain restriction imposed by Apple Company. The main reason why jailbreak is recommended because it is very desirable and gives you special permission which is known as root. Hence by this permission, you can easily customize the tools, you can create your own application and eventually, you can change the source code of some other application. Not only this you can even write your own script. For doing all this you don’t have to install any new software on your phone. You should be thankful that you don’t have to worry about any limitation. Installing new software on your phone will allow you to change other things also like notification, control setting, and many other functions.

Use online jailbreak

The question arises in your mind that how to jailbreak iPhone? There are several methods and several ways of jailbreaking. You can manually do it without any automation. But this is the most difficult process and quite a costly one. The method to root your device manually is not easy but it is having some advantages and that advantage is everything has been made without any problem. The next method of jailbreaking is to download link. As you download this link a special application should have to be launched on your PC. This way you have to turn on this application and connect your phone by USB cable and have to follow some instruction made by the author of the tool. After spending several minutes or even several hours your phone will get rooted. While doing all this process some additional files like malware, spyware, another malicious file can harm your application. This can either slow down your phone or may cause a serious problem.  So it is recommenders two times before you decide to download this method. This is the latest jailbreak method.

Other ways of jailbreaking

Now let us talk about the other way how to jailbreak your phone. This method is not only the most efficient one but also very fastest and least dangerous one. It is called online jailbreak. For this, you do not require any software to be downloaded on your computer. And one another advantage of it is that you don’t have to leave your phone in any service center. In short, we can say that you don’t need any third party involvement in this. The whole process is very easy and it hardly takes 3 to 10 minutes. It actually depends on the internet connectivity you have. If you have fast connectivity then it will be installed within a minute. To avail this benefit you have to search a website that hasa certificate and other safety protocol. They might be dealing with the legitimate service provider. It also required SSL certificate.

Online jailbreak

Online jailbreak

Jailbreaking method always saves for the customers as compared to any other applications. Here we are talking about online jailbreaking. If you have any doubt in the jailbreak app then you use an alternative method of jailbreaking i.e. online jailbreak. Online jailbreak is one of the latest methods. Due to gaining its popularity people attracts more and more towards it. It grants you the chance to https://sicmobile.com/how-to-root-device-have-a-look-at-the-best-jailbreak-apps/ your iPhone without any downloadable content. It is very fast as compare to jailbreaking apps. So the choices are all yours make sure that you choose the right one, otherwise you may face many problems or consequences like infected files, malware, spyware, and many another virus.


The technology and innovation of trending technology have changed our lives. We are thankful to the world of iPhone by which we can jailbreak using root which is simple and easy.