Keep Your Coffee Hot With Reusable Cups

Keep Your Coffee Hot With Reusable Cups

Do you need long lasting reusable cups that will always give you good value for money? Then you should not hesitate to visit Sttoke and your needs will be met perfectly here. This outlet is one of the best you can ever trust for top quality services as far as reusable cups are concerned.  The cups sold at this outlet are the perfect choices for drinking coffee everywhere, be it in your office or anywhere else for that matter. You can calmly sip your coffee from the reusable cup at home or anywhere else and also reuse the cup. You can order reusable coffee cups online from this outlet and it will prove to be one of the best experiences you have ever had.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will open your eyes to some of the many features that make the outlet one of the best places to visit for top quality reusable cups in Australia.

Highly durable reusable cup

All the cups sold at this outlet are durable and they will always give you good value for money. The cups are made to last for long and can perfectly serve as your coffee cup. The cups are made of stainless steel and this gives the indication that it will last for long. The cups are BPA-free and this is one of the good reasons to visit only Sttoke for reusable coffee cups online.  It is a healthy cup and it is a far safer option when compared to single-use paper cups. The drinking experience is better than what you can find when you buy a ceramic cup. The cup has a great interior lined with Greblon Ceramic; this interior makes it possible for the beverage to taste normally.

Keep Your Coffee Hot With Reusable Cups

Easy to use cup

The reusable cup sold at this outlet is very easy to use. The cup can perfectly fit into a coffee machine also and this further makes it to stand out. It is 11cm tall and can be used on both domestic and commercial coffee machines. The beauty of it is that the cup can help to keep your coffee hot for up to three hours straight. This is because it is well insulated. At the end of the three hours or more, the temperature would not have dropped less than 50 degree Celsius.

What is more, you can even hold the cup without burning your hands despite the fact that the content is very hot. It has a double wall vacuumed insulation that helps prevent the heat from reaching your hands the vacuum  between the two layers plays a great role in maintaining the temperature of the  content of the cup.  No condensation will ever be formed on the external surface of the cup.