Kayaking: The sport that fills the soul

kayaks and the tandem kayak

Kayaking is a fun-filled activity which gives you a low-to-the-water view that really immerses you in the experience. You will feel in harmony with the wildlife and the water as you glide through with each windmill stroke. Kayaks are great for rivers, streams, rapids and lakes. Kayaks are versatile watercraft that is lightweight and easy to transport. A kayaking journey can be a tranquil outing on a placid lake or a white-knuckle whitewater rafting adventure. Bind a kayak tight to your car and hit the road –a world of kayaking filled with adventure awaits!

Kayaks are of two types-solo kayaks and the tandem kayak. Unlike a single kayak with a tandem kayak, you are able to bond with your passenger, learn to work together as a team, and enjoy each other’s company. Tandem kayaks are great for family bonding; you can guide your family as your significant other and child enjoy the scenery or fishing. And if you decide that you prefer to kayak alone you can still take out your tandem.

Kayaks are versatile watercraft

There are few things you’re going to need to look for when you’re choosing the best tandem kayak specifically for fishing. A lot of tandem kayaks do not come with the extra gear required for fishing or the extra storage compartments they are made just for regular recreational kayaking. However, some models do come with the added storage and fishing space here are some things that you should definitely consider and look for when buying the best tandem kayak.

Storage space

This is definitely one of the biggest things you’re going to have to look for when choosing a tandem kayak now there is obviously an issue because there is another paddler in the kayak with you it’s harder to find space and storage space within the kayak however there are some models that have developed intelligent ways of adding storage space in different areas.

Rod holders

You need to have space within the tandem kayak to be able to put your rods otherwise you’re going to have a hard time finding out where to position them while having another person in the kayak.

Comfortable seating

Since you’re going to be sitting in the tandem kayak and fishing for a long period of time you have to have the most comfortable seating possible

Tracking and stability

Fishing kayaks tend to be a bit wider so that they are much more stable and cannot tip over, tracking becomes something that you have to compromise on and speed becomes lower.

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