How to use melanotan 2?

use melanotan 2

In order to use the melanotan 2, first of all you should not be afraid of needles. You only require an insulin needle for peptides. These needles are very thin and possibly you will not even know before. The only thing you want to purchase is sterile water or bacteriostatic and also sodium chloride solution is highly appropriate in order to combine the melanotan 2 powder. To perform this, you can withdraw 1ml of solution and also inject this solution into 10mg of vial of MT2. In every day of loading phase of MT2, you are needed to take 1mg that is enough.

After loading this point, you must take anywhere from 0.25mg to 0.5mg every day. You must repeat this dosing part until you are at your most wanted tan condition. If you have a skin type of three or four, then doesn’t use overdose and then stick to a very low dose every other day consequently. Once you are reaching your most preferred tan level, you want to continue taking this peptide for some week only in order to maintain your tan. Thus, you can also perform this via injecting one mg per week and consult with your doctor before using it.

Where does the melanotan 2 come from?

pharmacology department

Initially, the melanotan 2 was synthesized at the pharmacology department in the United States at University of Arizona. There is a team of scientists who have led the tests and believed to discover a new way of combating the skin cancer and also minimizing the rate of people hurted by ultraviolet light. After conducting this trial, they have been identified that the melanotan 2 was not only made to combat the skin cancer, but also made to support the very fair skinned people. This means people with very light skin tend to burn simpler when go out in the sun, so the danger of skin cancer is greater for those people with that skin type.

Is melanotan 2 safe?

Of course, melanotan 2 is completely safe to use, but it fully depends on how much you take and how often you use it. It has a half life of 33 hours, which means if you are taking 1mg in 33 hours, there will be 0.5mg in your body and in 66 hours after the first dose, there will be 0.25mg. If you take it consistently, it will slowly form up and give you awesome result.