How to make a fast interior metamorphosis? Tips from the best London contemporary interior designers

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Do you want to change the interior design of your home without making a mess and ruining your home budget? It’s easy! Thanks to adding a few new accessories and decorations – quickly and cheaply – you will create a completely new interior in accordance with the rules of contemporary house design in the UK. How? Here are some tips from top London contemporary interior designers working for one of the best London interior design companies .

Contemporary interior with accessories and decorations

Juggling with accessories and decorations allows for a fast and relatively cheap interior metamorphosis. Thanks to them, you can change the style of the interior whenever you feel like it. Some new plate mattes on the table, pillowcases on your bad, fresh curtains or new picture frames on the wall – and the interior will be changed!We present 10 ideas of the best London contemporary interior designers for a quick metamorphosis of your house or flat, which will bring a bit of freshness into your interior and make it look like a picture from a contemporary interior design catalogue!

interior design

10 tips on cheap interior metamorphosis from London contemporary interior designers:

  1. Get a new carpet. It will add some cosiness to the interior and emphasize the character of the room. For the children’s room, you can choose a carpet in colourful patterns, puzzles, a rally track, etc. For the bedroom, London contemporary interior designers recommend a fluffy carpet that will make you feel cosy and comfortable. In turn, for the living room, the carpet should be dirt-resistant. A bright, one-coloured carpet should work in a small interior, but if your living room is rather large, you can experiment with colourful patterns, for example, the ethnic style.

2.Hang a picture, a poster or add some wallpaper on the wall behind the head of a bed in the bedroom. It will change the appearance of your bedroom dramatically.

  1. Decorate the windows with new curtains or install some decorative blinds.
  2. Busted chairs or sofa? Put decorative cushions on the chairs or dress them with chair covers. You can cover the sofa with a new cover or plaid that matches the colour of the furniture, curtains or other accessories.
  3. Invest in a room screen with a decorative graphic motif. By putting it in a room, you will cover, for example, a non-destructive damaged wardrobe, and by hanging it on a wall – you will gain a fantastic picture. According to the top London contemporary interior designers, changing the function of everyday objects is one of the best features of contemporary house design in the UK.
  4. Attach the LED lighting to the wall niche or bookshelves or tableware cabinet. This way, you will highlight the beauty of objects and add a certain atmosphere to the room.
  5. Paint the kitchen cabinets with special paint for wooden, metal or plastic surfaces. Also, replace the handles. You will save a lot of money and the furniture will look like new.
  6. Prepare a few paper or plastic templates (with cut letters or graphic motifs). Put them on furniture or walls, for example in a child’s room, and fill them with paint. According to London contemporary interior designers, it will add the atmosphere of modernity to your interior.
  7. If your bathtub could use a replacement, in two hours you will get a new place to bathe – no renovation in the bathroom or forging tiles. You can order an acrylic filler for the current bathtub. The rest will be taken care of by a professional.
  8. Look around the store for new mugs or a soap dish for the bathroom. It’s best to get the whole set and choose towels from the same colour palette. Thanks to this, the bathroom’s interior will be cohesive.