How to Inspect the Used Car Before Making a Purchase?

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With the personal mobility becoming one of the top priorities for a lot of people, you will be interested to go with the used car. From exteriors to mechanical parts, it’s very important to understand how you must self-inspect the used cars in miami before you make a final purchase. Suppose you follow the given checklist, you will ascertain the car quality for yourself before getting the car checked by the professional mechanic.

Interior & exterior car inspection

Majority of the car dealers provide the car a new and fresh paint coat and wax before selling it. In order, to detect the rust & dents, you have to take a bit closer look at a car. Suppose the vehicle was ever involved in any accident, this can be the sign of engine problems too. And your mechanic will have to check the car engine system for any signs of the leakage.


Make the list of vehicle models that you want to buy. Do some research on every car model, identify common defects, depreciation value and repair cost. With the research results, you may have an added info about the car that can help in the physical check of the car.

 Buying Used Cars From A Dealership

Search for Rust & Paint Job

Texture of original factory paint may always differ from the paint work done in the repair work. The factory paint generally comes with several layers of coating that makes this car surface look very smooth. But, paint done in the repair work would be glossier, have uneven surface as well as will have the different shine from other parts of its body. One simple way you can check for the paint job will be looking for scratches on nuts & bolts. If there are any scratches on the nuts and bolts it indicates towards the repair work.

Raise the vehicle

Check the car exhaust for any signs of cracking. Suppose you find any soot deposits, it indicates problems with internal combustion engine. It’s usual for a car to emit white smoke while driving in morning. It is because of the water condensation. But, excessive smoke means coolant is leaking. The black smoke comes when oil enters its combustion chambers. It’s a sign of the unburned fuel.

Final words

Make sure you do proper research on a particular car model that you want and research on various features, which come with top-spec variant.