How Effectively You Can Manage Your Weight with Idealshape

Effectively You Can Manage Your Weight with Idealshape

Everyone loves a good-looking body, but not everyone loves doing the actual work to get the body they desire.

And as much as diet pills like apple cider vinegar pills have dominated the weight loss industry, just a few of their reviews will tell you that they are riddled with inconsistencies – the first of which is that even though a pill might contain appetite suppressants, it won’t actually fill you up, which is unhealthy if you don’t maintain a healthy diet. As a result, it isn’t uncommond to find magic pill users regularly indulging in a few vices.

By taking a close look at the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews, you’ll notice that they provide their users with infinitely more benefits – they are a lot more nutritious and they actually fill you up. Even better, a close look at idealshape will convince you to ditch these magic pills. If you’re a little bit curious about why idealshape is considered a better alternative for pills like apple cider pills, keep reading.

What Is Idealshape?

This meal replacement shake is made by Idealshape LLC – a firm dedicated to producing nutritious meal replacements for folks who want to keep their weight down but don’t have the time to look after themselves.


You’ll agree that constantly drinking the same flavor of shake can get boring very fast. In this regard, Idealshape has one of the widest ranges of meal replacement shake flavors in the market – which they constantly update. So don’t be surprised if you find another flavor, aside from those listed here.

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Chocolate cream pie
  • Chocolate coconut
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Mocha
  • Banana cream
  • Salted caramel
  • Cookies and cream
  • Key lime pie
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Orange cream
  • Egg nog

And as exhaustive as this list seems, they’re still making more flavors, so if they missed your favorite flavor, they’re probably getting to it. If you need help picking, idealshape reviews rank their chocolate and vanilla flavors very highly.

Ingredients Used

  • Idealshape contains 24 vitamins and minerals, which is one of the highest when compared with some of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews.
  • Sugar content – one serving of idealshape contains just between 1 and 2 grams of sugar (depending on the flavor). And this sugar is gotten from natural stevia leaves.
  • Protein – You’ll get between 11 – 12 grams of whey protein per serving (again depending on the flavor you pick).

One serving of idealshape also provides one fifth of the recommended daily intake of fibres (or 5 grams per serving).

Weight with Idealshape

Appetite Suppressant

Idealshape has its own patented appetite suppressant called Slendesta. It is meant to keep you feeling full up to 3 hours after drinking. The chief ingredient in this appetite suppresant comes from potato protein – gotten from the skin of potatoes. Idealshape believes that consuming slendesta causes a hormone – cholecystokinin – to be released. It us this hormone that keeps your food cravings at bay for the next 3 hours (the ideal time gap between meals).

Calories & Price

Calories vary, depending on the flavor of the shake. However the range is from 100 to 110 calories per serving. With regards to price, a 30 servings pack costs $39.99, or $1.33 per serving which is ridicously cheap. And on top of that, they offer promotions from time to time, so be on the lookout.

Direction For Use

Even though meal replacement shakes are pretty straight forward (mix one serving with cold or warm water, then stir and drink), you get a free ebook containing over 50 unique recipes on how to enjoy your idealshape. Some of these recipes include blending one serving with ice, blending with milk or almond milk (hint: only use diary if you have chocolate or vanilla flavors, anything other flavor with milk might taste like crap). Basically the book teaches you different ways to enjoy the same flavor, without getting bored of the taste.

Side Effects Of Idealshape

One of the most common side effects of idealshape, and perhaps any other low calorie diet, is fatigue. If you’re used to consuming a lot of calories, it is only normal that a drastic decrease will cause some fatigue. However this is only temporary. As your body gets used to taking fewer calories, it will learn to work with what it has.

Note though that idealshape uses some animal protein – milk and eggs, it also uses soy and nuts. So vegans as well as those with allergies should beware. Most of the flavors are gluten free though – except cookies and cream.

Bottom line

As easy a fix as diet pills like apple cider pills may seem like, they’re not sustainable for long term weight loss. But if you insist on them, at least include meal replacement shakes on the side in conjunction with whole foods.