Grelinette – Enriching Soil Without Hidden Harm

Enriching Soil Without Hidden Harm

Gardening is a hobby that is fulfilling and satisfying. The direct contact with nature, the touching of the soil with bare hands, the green plants, the chirping of the birds – have the ability to make you peaceful and happy. However, gardening comes with challenges too. From watering the plants regularly, to fencing – one has to keep many things in mind. One of the important aspects of gardening or farming is taking care of the soil and keeping it fertile. It is the soil where the seed sprouts to become a beautiful plant. Soil is thus a critical aspect of gardening.

People take the help of many things to fertilize the soil. There are manures, composts, chemical fertilizers etc to make the soil fertile. However, one simple thing exists that is extremely helpful in fertilizing the soil – a broadfork or grelinette. If you have a garden, especially a vegetable garden, you must have this really helpful tool. There are many online stores where you can buy broadfork or grelinette. One such store is It not only list the grelinettes fro sale but it also compares different models of grelinettes.

What Exactly Is A Grelinette?

A grelinette is a horizontal bar with several pointy spikes. It has two handles on either side of the bar. To fertilize the soil with it one has to push the spikes down into the soil by standing on the bar and putting body-pressure. When it reaches deep enough into the soil, the handles are pulled down making the spikes to rise upward. This process loosens the soil allowing the air to enter into the pockets of the soil. Thus, a grelinette’s main task is to aerate the soil.

models of grelinettes

A grelinette is more effective than a tiller. A tiller mixes the topsoil and subsoil thereby reducing the overall quality of the soil. Tilling a soil also increases the chances of the seeds of the weeds coming out to the top where they can get sunlight and grow to the utter annoyance of the gardener. A grelinette, while creating air-tunnels inside the soil, does not harm the micro-organisms residing beneath the topsoil.

Grelinette Vs Digging Fork

A grelinette is a lot more wider than a digging fork. So it takes lesser time to aerate the soil with a grelinette than what it takes to do the same with a digging fork. However, a digging fork wins in versatility, it can be used to throw away weeds and at the same time to aerate the soil. Since a broadfork or grelinette is wider than a digging fork, digging fork takes more time than what a broadfork takes to aerate the soil.

There are many different kinds of Grelinettes that are available in the market. One needs to buy after researching. Head over to where all the types of broadforks are talked about in detail. If you love the idea of no-tilling farming, you will love grelinettes. And your soil will love you. And your plants will love the soil. Happy ending!