Exciting Festival – Mid Autumn Festivals – All About Mooncakes

Mooncakes have played a vital role in the Mid-Autumn Festival. To the Chinese, the round form of mooncake delivery symbolizes family unity.

Each mooncake is a type of pie about 10cm across plus 4cm high, and it is about the size of a human palm.

The moon-shaped pastries have several different variations that would take your breath away. There are all-time favorite pastry for example freshly baked walnut mooncakes, the out-of-date lotus otherwise white lotus paste mooncakes with the premium ingredients plus baked to a mouth-watering hue of golden brown. You perhaps won’t want to stop at just one bite.

Apart from the above classic choices, those who are looking for a modern interpretation would enjoy snow skin mooncakes in a diversity of new flavors including jasmine, espresso chocolate truffles plus liqueur-filled chocolate truffle. It will be tough to resist temptation when you get your hands on them!