Discussing About the Various Kinds of Commercial Irrigation Controller

Discussing About the Various Kinds of Commercial Irrigation Controller

The thankless core is watering the lawn and garden. It becomes wasteful when it is done with through one hand and having a drink in other hand. The systems of irrigation made the watering more efficient and simpler. Many of the bulk systems of sprinkler goes around motorized valves and plastic pipes attached to the supply of water, the functions are always present in the controller. The best commercial irrigation controller offers best sprinkling system of water. The elegant devices present in the market are the sprinkler controllers which comprises of handful of switches, rotary dial, and a monochrome LCD. This is altering the sprinkler controllers to enter inside the market which come from two angles from start-ups and old guard irrigation companies. These two approaches show some of the merit and takes the better gear on the today market.

What are the various types of irrigation controllers? 

Let’s discuss about the different kinds of commercial irrigation controllers.

RainMachine Touch HD-12:

This irrigation controller is accessible in twelve or sixteen zones of version. It can be handled with a smartphone application, web interface, or on an onboard touchscreen. Compared with all the other designs that are tested the RainMachine does not require to join the function of cloud. It is based on the only internet for updates of weather. This also provides many ranges of weather services and offers granular and deep control over the irrigation of yours. This application is lesser intuitive than other irrigation controller and do not produce a schedule in creating more complicated things for the beginner gardeners to utilize it.

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Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller:

It is accessible in totally eight zones. This is the least expensive irrigation controller to purchase which has most of the similar highlights as the best ones. This has a smart scheduling, nice slim design, and an application. It is also certified as the watersense which consists of normal controls on the device which allows you to pick your station of weather. It combinedly works with google assistant and amazon Alexa. It might lack few alerts yet the application is better to use.


It is accessible in eight or sixteen zones of version. It offers straight forward plug and play operationality for the novice yet it can be tuned with enhanced setting for fulfilling a gardener that is expert too. Its intelligence of weather with a highlight enables the forecasting of hyper locality. This makes the watering of the garden as the efficient one. Use the extensive controls of onboard and operate with google assistant or amazon Alexa for better functionality.

Thus. These are some of the best and top commercial irrigation controllers.