Different Aspects of Solar Water Heating Systems

Different Aspects of Solar Water Heating Systems

The device which utilizes solar energy for heating the water for commercial, industrial, and domestic needs is solar water heating system. The common application of solar energy in the entire world is water heating. The solar hot water systems can be able to save the electricity upto 1500 units each year. It can also save upto hundred litres per day based on the capacity of solar water heating. 

What are the parts of the solar water heating system?

  • This device comprises of a plate that is flat which is the solar collector. It has a tank for storage put at the height behind the solar collector. This collector and tank come with the connecting pipes.
  • The solar collector that is used consists of tubes made of copper sheets. This is created with the glass sheet that is toughened on the top with a insulating substance at the back side.
  • The total assembly is kept inside in a flat box.
  • In some particular models, the glass tubes are evacuated and utilized other than using copper with a separate sheet cover and box of insulation are not needed in this scenario.

Understanding the working of a solar water heater 

  • The solar water heating system is normally introduced on the open ground or roof. This is along with the solar collector that is facing the sun and attached to the water supply that is continuous.
  • The water is going to flow through the tubes which in turn absorbs the solar heat and then turn into hot water.
  • The water which is heated is stored inside the tank for using it in the future.
  • The stored water present inside the tank stays hot all the night as the tank of storage is insulated and losses of hear are little. 

What are the uses of solar water heater? 

  • The solar water heater systems can be utilized in your houses. This is to create hot water for cleaning, washing, and cleaning.
  • These devices use the capacity of 100-300 litres that are suited for the application domestically.
  • The big system are utilized for different types of applications in industries.
  • The 60-80 degrees Celsius hot water can be acquired through these devices.
  • You can save the fuel with this device’s capacity of 100 litres which can substitute an electric geyser. It can spare upto the electricity of 1500 units per year.
  • You can save the power generation cost. The utilization of 1000 of these devices comprises of 100 litres where every one of them saves 1MW.
  • This device is also used to ignore 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission.
  • The solar heating water systems consists of a life span of 15-20 years when it is substituted with electricity. So that the payback period is for longer time.

Thus, these are the different aspects of a solar heating water system.