Cons of using apps which provide digital workplace

As we all know everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and it may be tempting to use a better way of interaction while sitting at your homes but we should consider and be ready to face the various drawbacks while using the digital workplace framework which might help to give direction to your judgement.

Listed below are the disadvantages which shall be considered :

1.Lack of personal contact

Humans beings are meant to interact with each other and there may be some concerns which simply cannot be discussed over the internet as it may not be wise to do so and there may be instances when your co-worker misunderstood what you wanted to say due to some reason and the final results may not be the same as you thought there may be lack of communication and employees may feel that they are overburdened with work and the message can be misinterpreted due to lack of network.

2.Time lag

The transfer of thoughts and ideas is practiced on a real basis while operating in a physical company because they operate on the idea of first mover advantage and the opportunity can be easily missed if the work is not done within the specified time period or the message is not conveyed when it should have been conveyed. There are advancements in technology and internet speed is skyrocketing without a doubt but there may be chances that you missed an important message from an employee amongst so many messages and it may even cost your job and the company can blame you for your negligence which was not even your mistake.

3.Off-topic and busy servers

Often the discussions in digital workplace framework can turn off-topic and employees when not under supervision of their seniors and hr’s can deviate from the main topic and the goals of enterprises shall not be achievable and almost every enterprise has started to use the online method of communication and the servers have become very busy and occupied and the employees can find it difficult to join the important conferences and can miss important meetings.

To be a rational employee it is important to assess all the merits and demerits and figure out the methods which can help in overcoming the barriers of communication with your employees and run a company successfully while sitting at your home.