Can a privacy screen really make outdoor areas comfortable?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to spend maximum time indoor. As individuals are spending more time inside their homes, privacy, especially in outdoor areas like patios, has become more critical than ever. And this is where the outdoor privacy screen comes into the picture. If you need a solution that can control solar penetration, offer wind resistance, protect from weather elements and insects, retractable outdoor screens can be the best option. Here’re some benefits provided by such screens.

Boost property value

Retractable screens are gaining popularity as they offer the perfect combination of increased flexibility and permanent screen benefits. That’s the reason property dealers often recommend homeowners to install such screens in outdoor areas. They can impress prospective buyers and boost the property’s value during an appraisal.

Get more usable space without compromising on privacy

The coronavirus has forced people to spend more time at home. So, turning that patio or balcony into a home office can be a good idea. By vastly increasing privacy, offering shade and bug protection in outdoor areas, these screens make the place worth spending time during all seasons. No matter whatever square footage your patio or deck has, the area turns into your home extension within minutes without compromising the comfort level.

High-quality fabrics for all weather conditions

Screens are made up of high-quality cloth. The effects of ultraviolet rays are minimized by solar-protective fabrics. Most outdoor screen suppliers provide materials that enhance privacy; even transparent ones do not reveal much from the outside. Screens last longer and come with a warranty of at least five years.

One size does not fit all

Some suppliers work according to the customer’s needs; they offer several layers of personalization. And, of course, one size does not fit all. No matter if you are looking for a screen to cover the balcony, veranda, loggia, any other area, suppliers can provide retractable screens in various sizes.

Motorized and manual operation

You can opt for a manual zip screen that can be controlled with a gearbox or opt for a motorized option. As the name suggests, the latter option offers motorized, hassle-free control for opening and closing screens. Both options can fit perfectly and help you get the best out of the outdoor areas. Suppliers offer a warranty period on the motor, zip frame, and other components. They can also conduct a site inspection on-demand and provide the best suitable outdoor privacy screen option.