Advanced Anti-climb tools to avoid burglary

Advanced Anti-climb tools

People need high-security due to some unavoidable circumstances and look for fencing options. That is how they secure their privacy. Keep in mind that a gated community will offer barriers to traffic, but will minimally deter pedestrian intrusion. You need at least 8 feet long wall to the safety of your house. Now the question may arise: is a tall wall enough to cope up with thieves and unwanted animals? Here, we are discussing the anti-climb tools or spikes to give an answer regarding your question to make your home a better secure place. So, let’s have a look.

When it comes to high-defense fencing, what matters most is the combination of the materials in your wall spikes. The aluminum wire, Galvanized steel strip, and Stainless steel wire form the better alternatives.

high-security fences

Important features your spike should have

  • Anti-rust weather resistance
  • Sharp points to make people impossible to climb up
  • Stronger razor wire that is not easy to damage
  • Fine appearance with transparent color
  • Low economic value
  • Easy to install
  • Spikes should not easily fall off the wall

Classification of spikes

It can be of various types include

  • Razor Spikes
  • Galvanized steel bird spikes
  • Normal wall spikes
  • Plastic wall spikes
  • Wall spike fence
  • Stainless steel wall spikes
  • Security spikes
  • Castle wall spikes
  • Shark-tooth wall spikes
  • Wallspike topping
  • Wall spike security system
  • Anti-climb spikes
  • Barbed wire
  • Razor wire
  • Palisade fences
  • Chain-link fence

Application of the razor spikes

Wall spikes are used both in domestic and military purposes to prevent intruders from landing their foot. You can also use it on existing walls. It can be placed above the brick, concrete, or above the wooden boundary. It is commonly used in the garden, apartment, warehouse, school, club, residence, prison, and border etc. Bird spikes are also available to get rid of the mess caused by the crazy birds.


According to the choice of people, high-security fences can be installed in a different pattern. However, these are typically a combination of wire fencing fabrics, security panes, razor wires coated with barbed wires and some other sort of high-quality fencing wires. When someone is installing similar type of wall spikes on fences, it is a sensible decision to call up an expert fence installation professional who will judge your house premises and offer tailor-made advice to instal the fences. Ensuring your safety is the most important thing.