10 Useful Tips on Cat Care – You Must Know

Keeping pets at home is not an easy task, and it is very crucial to take care of them.

  1. Haired cats daily brushed, otherwise mat the cats’ hair. Brush shorts at the time of hair change. The special combs are available in many versions in the pet shops.
  2. In order to prevent the formation of a tartar, one should provide for the appropriate diet. If the scalp has occurred, it is removed by the veterinarian. The removal by the doctor is performed by a laser beam. These laser beams are not painful to the cat. Nevertheless, the removal of the tooth is carried out under anesthesia, since the cat would never voluntarily stop her mouth long enough.
  3. The cat is not able to clean its ears from the inside. Therefore, the cat holder should always look in the ears, whether dirt has settled there.
  4. Light encrustations often appear in the corners of the eye. These can best be removed with a moistened, soft paper tissue. Do not rinse eyes with chamomile, only with water.
  5. Hygiene is the key to cat care. Clean the feeding area and the feeding vessels daily and thoroughly. Do not forget to clean the litter box at reasonable intervals and, of course, disinfect it. Disinfect yourself after every cleaning.
  6. To avoid diseases, you should avoid contact with other cats and animals and disinfect your shoes and also use best carpet deodorizer for pet urine when you come from outside.
  7. As a feed, give the cat high-quality and vitamin-rich feed, because a healthy and well-fed cat is less likely to be sick than a cat, which is fed only on one side, little and badly.
  8. You should visit the veterinarian at regular intervals, and you should not forget the vaccinations and worming. It can always happen that a cat comes into contact with a sick animal or you carry on your shoes or your clothes disease-provoking.
  9. Free-flowing cats should be regularly examined for ticks during the summer months. In the case of tick attack, go directly to the vet or get a suitable tick.
  10. To help the cats vomit the hair follicles, you should provide your cat with cat grass.